Performing at the new Nursery Studio.

We are now accepting submissions for acts in our Spring '17 season  to play in Thursday Night Lights, a jam-style style show. The slots could be used for a new show concept, the early outings of a new team or established shows.

Submission deadline for this season, Sunday 16th April.

Previous applicants who were put on the waiting list last season should still apply, and remind us of this fact in their application. 
Tell us your team or shows name:

Tell us the name of the performers in your team:

Provide any Twitter handles for the group or act.

In brief tell us about your team’s experience levels and the experience of the individual members:

There's no need to massage the truth. we are looking for all different kinds of performers!
Predicted number of players on the night:

Tell us about your show.

Excite us!
Provide a one-sentence blurb that we can use to promote your show. Details of where to send images to follow.
(Please just one sentence!)

Which dates could you perform?

Due to the  volume of applications we recieve, if your act is offered a slot at the end of the application date but you can no longer commit to it, or are no longer available, your slot will be given to an act on the waiting list.

List any date preferences here

If there are specific dates you would prefer from your own selection, please list up to two below.

9th March
23rd March
Finally, once you are finished with this form please email us 1-2 good quality images that you feel best represent your show. 
(These will be used for social media promotion)

Please email with the images along with the subject line:

 'TNL submission + name of act"

*Please note, applications are not complete until an image of your act has been received. You will receive notice of dates within a week of deadline closing, if we do not have space this season we may offer you the waiting list for next season.

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