The Jason Chin Diversity scholarship In memory of the wonderful and much missed Jason Chin, the Nursery is delighted to offer scholarships for all courses in order to make sure than the fun and community of improvisation is available to as many people as possible. Up to two places per class are available and you are encouraged to apply if you would not normally be able to afford these courses. There are no set criteria, and you can apply for any course that is live on the Nursery website. Places will be allocated a few weeks before the course begins and all that we ask is that people awarded scholarships attend as much of the course as they possibly can!
What is your name?

Which class are you applying to take?

What is your email address?

What do you feel you would get out of this class? Why in particular do you want to take it?

What acting/improv (if any) have you done before?

It doesn't matter if it's nothing (as long as the class is beginner-friendly), we'd just like to know!
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself which you think would be relevant to your application?

Part of the function of these scholarships is to make improvisation available to as many different people as we can. However, you are not obliged to disclose any demographic or other kind of information.
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