You are about to apply to direct a show in the
Nursery Originals Summer Season 2018.

Before going any further, please make sure you have read the spiel on the Nursery website.

Let's do this.
What is your name? *

What's your email address? *

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Tell us about your improv experience and training. *

Feel free to summarise or use bullet points. We're not looking for poetry, just what you have done. Please include teaching/coaching as well as performing.
Which show slots are you applying for? *

What do you propose the show be called? *

What makes you want to do this project? *

This bit is just for us; it's not going to get published anywhere. Tell us what's making you excited. Why this show? What makes this idea special?
How would you pitch this show to an audience? *

100-150 words. This is audience-facing. How would you pitch this show to the outside world? To improvisers and even *gasp* to the general public?
Casting Breakdown to be published (50 word max) *

e.g. I am looking for improvisers who want to explore:
- movement
- grounded scenes
 - reggae
How big a cast do you reckon you would need? How many players?

Thanks for telling us about your show idea!

We're excited to read your application, and will get back to you soon with our decision. For now, don't forget to hit the Submit button on the next screen, and we're done!
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