Thanks for applying to perform at the Nursery Theatre, Liverpool Street as part of our Thursday and Sunday shows!
Before you go any further, make sure you have read the terms and conditions on our website and then...
Let's do this
We programme 2 months ahead of time, in a rolling process. You are currently applying to perform in the early Summer Block (late April onwards) N.B- Sundays are ideal for very new acts or experienced acts trying something new. Thursdays are ideal for already gigging acts though this is not a rule!

What is the name of your show/group?

How many are in your group/will perform on the night?

Which nights could you perform?

Please carefully insert the dates in the form of Thursday DD/MM/YY OR Sunday DD/MM/YY (or both if you'd like to be a resident act "all Sundays in April".)
Give us a short biog for promoting your show

e.g How will it work? What will it be like for the audience? What training and work will you draw on? What makes your show extraordinary/interesting/different? (just a couple of snappy lines)
Tell us about the people involved

Who will be performing/directing/curating? Where have they trained and performed? (just a couple of lines))
Where can we find you?

Tell us about your websites, Facebook, Twitter and blogs, your podcasts, Snapchat and Yikyak.
Tell us who to contact

What is the name of the person we should contact in response to this application?
Have you emailed us one high-res image?

Please email one image, landscape/ banner shaped. We prefer images of people to logos. Please email:
Nice! you're all done. We will be in touch to offer you a show slot soon.

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